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All pets are closely examined by a veterinarian prior to surgery and pre-anesthetic bloodwork is always recommended to detect any underlying issues which may affect anesthetic protocol and/or surgical procedure.  Pre-anesthetic bloodwork can be performed quickly on the morning of surgery using our modern in-house machines.  

We maintain the most current and highest standards of anesthesia and analgesia as recommended by the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia. During surgery, your pet will be closely monitored by one of our techincians. Parameters including, but not limited to, heart rate, respiratory rate, SpO2 (oxygen content in the blood), blood pressure, temperature and anesthetic depth will be continually recorded into your pet's electronic medical record.  An IV catheter will be in place to not only administer medications when necessary, but to also allow surgical fluids to be given.  Surgical fluids are important in keeping your pet's blood pressure at a normal level, which results in appropriately perfused organs.  We practice multimodal analgesia (pain control) to keep your pet comfortable before, during and after anesthesia.

Once your pet is in recovery, a technician will be at his/her side until they are fully recovered and comfortably resting in a heated recovery kennel.  We will always call you once the procedure is finished and ease your mind that your beloved pet is safely waking up.  Every pet is given the option of staying in the hospital the night after surgery at no additional charge.  However, if you wish to take you pet home after surgery, a technician will go over your take-home discharge instructions and any medications in depth.  We strive to provide the best client and pet service possible and will take ample time to go over any questions or concerns you may have before taking your pet home.  

If your pet has been recommended a surgery, please call us to discuss.  Our doctors and staff are always eager to discuss your needs and can often give a rough estimate over the phone even if we've never seen your pet.