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Puppy and Kitten Care

To give your puppy or kitten the best start, it is best to schedule an examination as soon as they join your family.  This provides you an opportunity for your pet to establish a positive experience in a veterinary clinic, and most importantly establish a baseline of health to track your new pet's growth and development.  


Our veterinarians and staff can discuss health concerns specific to your species or breed, and assess for any congenital concerns.  Furthermore, our immunization protocol is tailored to specifically meet the need of your new friend's lifestyle.  Your pet's first appointment is an important time to ask as many questions as possible.   We are happy to help with any aspect of animal education including nutrition, behavior, and preventitive healthcare.

Through the Puppy and Kitten Package at Elam Animal Hospital, you should expect to bring your pet in multiple times over the course of a few months to complete all vaccinations and boosters.  Our puppy package is $189 and our kitten package is $194 (both over a $400 value) and includes the following:

4 Examinations by your veterinarian
4 Vaccinations (DHPP or FVRCP, species specific)
2 Additional Vaccinations if warranted (Bordetella and Leptospirosis or FeLV, species specific)
1 Rabies vaccination (adjuvant free for cats) and Rabies certificate with tag


FIV/FeLV combination tests at 8 and 24 weeks
Fecal Test, and 2 doses of deworming medication for intestinal parasites
1 complimentary dose of flea and heartworm prevention